Missed Place
Missed Plate

Typewriter Art Exhibition by:
Nutthawut Siridejchai

feb 19-mar 16, 2016

opening : FEB 19
one by one performance 3-6pm
reception 6.30-8pm


เสียงพิมพ์ดีดที่จะทำให้ "คิดถึง" ผ่านทุกตัวอักษร ในนิทรรศการ missed "place" missed "plate" โดย Nutthawut Siridejchai ในวันที่ 19 Feb 2016 ณ Art Space at Sugar Club แล้วพบกันนะ :)

Posted by TANY Thai Artists in New York on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I came to New York in 2009 and have not returned to my country ever since. After I arrived, a slice of plain cheese pizza has been my food almost everyday because it was cheap, easy to find, and I don’t’ have a lot of money. Only a dollar would make me survive another meal, but I was unsatisfied. I already have had more than maybe a thousand slices of New York pizza. Food here in United States is delicious, but my brain still craves something, the taste that is stuck inside my head. What I miss the most is my mom’s recipes, Mom’s food on a little table in our old dining room.

I express my story on paper plates that serve pizza, the comfort and iconic food of New York City. Everyone uses paper plates and later composted them. Paper plates as the material in my work represent the state of “come and go”. Such temporality, that these plates may not be used again, is not unlike my status of living in the United States, which is just temporary. 

I used a typewriter to create an artwork of my mom's dishes that I yearn for as an experiment to convey my story and permanent relationship with memories. Middle class, single mom with 3 kids for my family, Seafood is expensive; we barely had them at restaurant and reserved it only for special occasions. My mom preferred to get it from the fresh market. She would bring it home and cook for us herself. Every time that I have seafood, it reminds me of her. I put pizza seasoning and New York street hot dog seasoning as paint on these artworks the way I always do with my pizza and street hot dog, to let her know that I have her food in my own way, that it was my choosing to leave for the US.

 Another technique that I used in my work, I drew and painted roosters and Thai flower on plate over my mom's typewritten food. The rooster and Thai flower designs is the most common print you would find on ceramic and tin plates in my home country, Thailand. We had a lot of these rooster and Thai flower plate at home and used it everyday. These prints remind me of her favorite recipes on our old, generic plates.

My art allowed me to express how missed to someone in my life in the way that most people who are migrant or away from their family accompany this felling of missing something in their live with me. Typewritten work allows me to pass on my story to others via words. Words are often mistaken and erroneous, but I struggle to conclude mistakes as right or wrong: They are momentary decisions in which one can often find beauty.