Day Off

A Photography Exhibition by:
Pakawat Hongcharoen

Mar 20-apr 17, 2016

opening : Mar 20
reception 6pm onwards


After I quit my full-time job, it has been almost two years since I started living in New York. I still remember the feeling when I first came here; I was very excited about this place. I felt people here are diverse and interesting. At the same time, I had to work at a cafe, and almost everyday I would carry my camera with me. After work or on my days off, I would take photos of people on the street. I learned about street photography more properly here. The excitement of taking street photographs is that you can never know in every day you carry your camera outside what you could possibly encounter, especially here in New York.

“Day Off” comes from the free time outside of work that I spent taking photographs of people on the streets and subway. It's the time I witnessed different lives of people in the hectic New York City. In some angle, they were seen winding themselves down, dwelling in their day-off moments, just like how we all have tiring days and days to relax. Visitors often picture people's lives here to be busy all the time, but that is just a part of it. In a way, "Day Off" is a message to people coming to work or study here to pursue in their free time what they really want to do.